Our Activity Managers

We have introduced Activity Managers to all seven of our European Star-Ships sailing the Rhine, Main, Danube, Moselle, Rhône and Douro rivers.

Not only will they organize our EmeraldACTIVE program, these dedicated and entertaining staff members complement our onshore EmeraldACTIVE program by coordinating on board yoga classes, trivia games, friendly competitions, local performers, and disco evenings. 

As part of our EmeraldACTIVE program, guided city walking tours and cycling excursions will be coordinated by these dedicated and entertaining staff members, as well as coordinating a wealth of on board activities and events including yoga classes and Pilates and a host of evening entertainment such as trivia games, card tournaments and traditional performances from locals. 

Read all about a day in the life of our Activity Managers in the interviews below and discover all the ways they will enhance your holiday experience.

Activity Manager, Brett Bonds 

What can guests expect from the new EmeraldActive program?

Guests can expect so much variety from our EmeraldACTIVE program. As well as the wellness activities, we have a variety of fun sports games- including golf putting, soft pétanque, Nordic walking and dance classes. In addition, we also have quizzes to keep the brains on top form and a little healthy competition for prizes. 

To keep improving the activities we offer, I am currently training in Tai Chi, so that I can also offer this as a special addition to the program. 

On an evening guests will be kept entertained by many different events and activities, no evening is the same, which keeps it all fun, fun, fun!

You will see us on the hikes and biking tours, and around the Star-Ship too for a good chat.
Activity Manager

Activity Manager, Drazen Drazic

Activity Manager
What do I enjoy most about the job?

The most fulfilling part of the job is to interact with my guests & taking them to the places that otherwise they wouldn’t go. The most rewarding part is the enthusiasm that I manage to wake in our guests for a certain activity, like yoga for example. I love to hear the feedback I receive once the guests have arrived back home informing me that they have continued with the exercises in a local studio or a gym.   

Activity Manager, Harry Jordan

What does your typical day involve?

I would normally start the day with an active wellness class, such as morning stretch or yoga, to get the body warm and limber for the day to come. Most days this will be followed by an EmeraldACTIVE hike around one of our many beautiful destinations. If we happen to be sailing in either the morning or the afternoon, I will hold games on the Sun Deck, such as golf putting and soft pétanque, possibly a dance class in the lounge after the afternoon tea.

After dinner I will always host a fun packed evening of entertainment. Whether it be an entertaining interactive gameshow, live entertainment either performed by me or one of the incredibly talented local performers, or simply a brain teasing trivia. Whatever our guests like to do, there is always something for everyone to enjoy.  
Activity Manager

Activity Manager, Jamie Sommers

Activity Manager
What is your favorite destination and why?

A difficult question, each river has so many gems dotted along them. If I’m sailing The Rhine, I would have to say Amsterdam, such a diverse city with a different language being spoken with every step you take. It has so many beautiful buildings and so much to experience, by far the best city to get lost in. As I’m currently sailing The Danube, I can’t forget Vienna, a city I’ve recently fallen in love with. With music being a major part of this cities history, it’s hard not to love this place; it’s friendly locals, beautiful food and wonderful shopping areas.


Senior Activity Manager, Sarah Spilsbury

What is your background and how did you become one of your new Activity Mangers?

When I was a child I always used to go on holiday to Spain and to our caravan in Wales with my family and always used to love joining in the Kids Club, watching the shows and dancing the night away so I think that’s what inspired me to join the entertainments and leisure industry as I remember these happy memories.

As soon as I graduated  from Theatre school at the age of 21, I applied and auditioned for the role of host and lead singer for a hotel in Fuengirola, Spain and ever since then I have caught the travel bug and went on to work for various British cruise liners for the last 12 years as a host and lead band singer, traveling all over the world.

Activity Manager