5 Highlights of the Rhine by Joe Luchison

5 Highlights of the Rhine

This month I had the opportunity to experience our Jewels of the Rhine cruise, a guest favorite and a route steeped in history yet propelled by contemporary thought. Besides the sights and sounds of any travel experience, I get the most out of talking with fellow travelers, learning why they choose a particular cruise.

On my sailing I encountered anniversary celebrations, multi-generational family gatherings, birthdays, and simply those wanting to escape the everyday grind and just do something different.

One theme was common among all, and that was the value of personal experiences and real insights, so I am pleased to share mine with you.

1. The Coffee Machine

Don’t underestimate the value of a welcome cup of coffee.

After a long flight and early arrival from the US, everyone can always count on one of the best coffees you’ll ever enjoy, right in the Horizon Bar & Lounge from our state of the art coffee machine.

It’s available 24/7 throughout every cruise, and it brews a rich and frothy cappuccino in seconds. Oh, and you can brew teas and mocha drinks too.




2. Biking around Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Just across the river from Centraal Station, Amsterdam becomes a serene place blanketed with velvety green pastures, tiny villages, and ancient windmills. After just a five-minute ride from the ship and a 2-minute ferry crossing, this EmeraldACTIVE experience leads you to places you’d only see from your bike saddle.

3. The History – Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany

Just a short ride from the dock in Mannheim, Heidelberg is a piece of living history and its castle has survived family disputes, lightning strikes and several wars. Now mostly in ruin, it is one of the most significant Renaissance sites in Europe. Guests can opt for an uphill hike or a coach ride and guided walk of the city. Either way, you’ll come back with new knowledge and impressive photographs from the castle’s surviving terraces.

4. The Views from Above and Below

Kobelnz, Germany

The town of Koblenz sits at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. While quaint and of historic significance, it is completely walkable in a short time. Our walking groups are small, meaning you can choose the guide you want to walk with. I chose one who appeared to be the most “experienced”, figuring he’d have the most knowledge – and he delivered! The walk got us up close to monuments and the impeccable view from the cable car captured its strategic location.

5. Strasbourg – One of Europe’s Capitals

Strasbourg, France

A good stretch of the Rhine straddles the border between Germany and France. Strasbourg sits on the French side and is one of the three capitals of the European Union. Its port is large yet is a short coach or bike ride from the city center, where guests can take a guided walk or explore or enjoy free time for exploration, shopping, dining and more. Don’t miss the famous astronomical clock in the Cathédrale Notre-Dame where it’s 18th c. figurines of Christ and the Apostles process at noon daily.

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Joe Luchison
Joe Luchison
Brand Manager US, Emerald Waterways