Flags of Europe in the sun

Do you know Europe's national and regional flags?

Think you know your Austria from your Hungary? Your Monaco from your Moldova? Put your knowledge of European flags to the test in our interactive quiz.

For centuries, flags have defined Europe. Whether in battle, trade talks or at the Eurovision Song Contest, every country on the continent has its national crest – a unique emblem that has come to define people and place.

While many of Europe’s major flags are easy to identify, others are less apparent. Most people would be able to point out the flags of Germany, France, Italy and Spain, but what about countries like Hungary, Austria, Croatia and Slovakia? With these, we think some would struggle.

And then, of course, there are the regional flags – standards which are flown above city halls and civic buildings from Hungary to The Hague. These flags, too, are entrenched in local history and culture, and decidedly more difficult to identify than their national counterparts.

So, with all this in mind, we want to put your knowledge of Europe’s flags to the test – including both national and regional motifs. Think you have what it takes? Try your luck at the 15 flag-related questions we’ve put together in our interactive quiz below.

So, how did you do? Are you happy with your score or has our quiz left you reaching for an encyclopedia? We’d love to hear how you did, so get in touch on our Facebook page.

No matter how well you know the flags of Europe, there’s a whole lot more to the continent than its historic crests and emblems. Choose to travel its waters with Emerald Waterways, and you can expect heritage, art, culture, cuisine and serene natural beauty in abundance, as well as plenty of opportunities to build on your knowledge of the continent’s history, people and places.

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