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An intimate voyage of discovery awaits on the Adriatic Sea, where Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is revealed in all its Mediterranean splendour.

We’re always looking for insightful new travel experiences which give our guests more opportunities to explore and discover. That’s why we’re proud to introduce a new ocean cruise itinerary – so you can enjoy new destinations and experiences while benefitting from our exceptional value and service.
Let Emerald Waterways take you on an extraordinary journey of discovery on the Adriatic Sea, where you’ll experience the timeless appeal of a Mediterranean coastal cruise with the thrill of stepping foot on beautiful new lands. The ancient seascape of Dalmatia is yours to uncover as you cruise Croatia’s southern shores, passing from Dubrovnik to Hvar in complete comfort.

Your home for this Dalmatian voyage of discovery is the MV Adriatic Princess II, an exclusively-chartered yacht offering unrivalled on-board comfort with an air of exclusivity not often found on larger Mediterranean cruise ships. This elegant yacht is designed specifically for navigating the Dalmatian coast, its slender proportions allowing it to pass easily through the narrow channels and straits of the region – for the ultimate island-hopping adventure. 

Naturally, as an Emerald Waterways holiday, your itinerary will be filled with a variety of handpicked experiences, many of which are included in the price of your cruise. Choose from sightseeing excursions which reveal local history in greater detail or delve deeper with EmeraldPLUS and enjoy exclusive events which go beyond those of the ordinary cruise traveller.

Exceptional value and adventure – they’re what define our new ocean cruise. We’ve pieced together a wonderful coastal cruise with exploration and discovery at its heart, so you can get away from it all like never before.

Immerse in the boundless coastal wonders of Croatia

Set sail along Croatia’s southern seaboard and delve into one of Europe’s most beautiful shorelines: Dalmatia. This ancient ribbon of coast offers a kaleidoscope of paradise isles and ancient heritage wonders, a place where you can explore arresting cities such as Dubrovnik and Split one day, and charming, time-forgotten islands the next. 

From the elegant decks of the Adriatic Princess II, you’ll negotiate Dalmatia’s isles, its narrow straits leading you to small, sheltered bays larger ships simply can’t reach. Sink your toes into the warm Adriatic waters on the beautiful island of Hvar, explore the ancient antiquities of Trogir, and immerse in Croatian heritage on beautiful Brač, which is world-renowned for its exquisite white limestone and spectacular beaches.

On the mainland, Dalmatia’s momentous heritage is revealed as you wander the enchanting streets of Dubrovnik, winding through narrow alleyways to reach Lovrijenac and its medieval city walls. Impressive too is Split, Croatia’s second city, where the ruin of Diocletian’s Palace serves as a reminder of the region’s proud Roman history.

Unforgettable Experiences on the Dalmatian Coast

Cruising the Dalmatian coast with Emerald Waterways means you’re privy to a collection of handpicked experiences which reveal this spectacular coastal region in greater depth. Our The Islands of Dalmatia itinerary offers memorable shore excursions, including visits to Dubrovnik, Ston, Hvar and the Krka National Park. Additionally, you can enjoy swim stops in serene locations, and a choice of exclusive EmeraldPLUS experiences – including a visit to a traditional Stone Masonry school on Brač island.

These select excursions and events showcase perfectly Dalmatia’s blend of ancient history and island living, helping you experience the very best of the region. And best of all, every one of our inclusive excursions is wrapped up in the cost of your holiday, providing exceptional value that redefines ocean cruising and helps you see more of the things you love.

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