Amsterdam river cruises 

From quaint canals and picturesque, traditional houses, Amsterdam is a city that needs no introduction.

Sunny Amsterdam river cityscape
Amsterdam is a popular tourist destination year round due to its quaint canals and picturesque, traditional houses, serene, airy woodland parks and traveler-friendly cycle routes.

At Emerald Waterways, our Amsterdam river cruises allow guests to relax and indulge on board our innovative Star-Ship. As you sail through this timeless city, you can enjoy the experience onboard just as much as you can on land.

In our Amsterdam city guide, we’ll take you a journey through the city’s best cuisine, architecture and culture, as well as highlighting our Jewels of the Rhine  river cruise, which spends two days in the city, before taking guests to Cologne, Koblenz and Strasbourg.
Amsterdam food red herring

What to eat on an Amsterdam River Cruise

Dining in Amsterdam is a multicultural, varied affair. With endless boutique eateries and niche restaurants in the city center, you’re bound to easily find something a little different and special for lazy lunches and special evening meals.

Amsterdam’s traditional Dutch food and snacks include Bitterballen, a tasty dish made up of deep fried crispy meatballs, usually served with mustard. If you prefer a quick bite to eat while you stroll down the charming streets of Amsterdam, we suggest a cone of thick-cut, delicious Dutch fries, topped off traditionally with a dollop of mayonnaise, as is the local way. Or perhaps, if you’re feeling adventurous and would like to taste some of the more unusual, left-field Dutch cuisine, how about some raw herring? This is a Dutch speciality, and while may seem a little out of the ordinary for those who haven’t tried it yet, it’s a fantastic way to indulge in some real culture and live like the locals – a must-try for keen traveler’s!

And finally, we couldn’t possibly move on from food without mentioning dessert, which is where the incredible waffles come into play. You’ve seen them before: waffles with mouth-watering chocolate sauce covering them, maybe you’ve even tried them in your home town, but let it be said: no one quite makes them like the Dutch.
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam’s architecture and history

Amsterdam’s canal houses are the quintessential image of the city’s past. With rows upon rows of detailed, intricate and quaint traditional housing lined up along the waterside, it’s easy to see why the picturesque canal district was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Top tip for canal house enthusiasts: try visiting the Canal House Museum (Grachtenmuseum), located in Herengracht, for a closer insight into the history behind the houses, and their purpose for work and living.

For architecture lovers, Amsterdam offers plenty of variety of styles and eras, especially when to comes to Amsterdam School, which borrows and combines elements from both Art Deco and Jugendstil schools of design. Strolling through the city will reveal a broad and varied landscape, from the 19th century Rijksmuseum, to the 17th century, product of the Dutch Golden Age, the Royal Palace Amsterdam.  Simply put, it’s an exhilarating trip through history.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Must-see culture and things to do

Once you’ve experienced the delightfully charming architecture of Amsterdam, it’s time to spend some time soaking up the endless culture on offer.

From picnicking at one of Europe’s oldest zoo’s, Artis Zoo, to picking up souvenirs and browsing independent stores at the Albert Cuyp Markt street market. Following on from our historical architecture guide above, history buffs will gravitate towards the Anne Frank Museum, where they can take a somber and poignant moment to remember the horrors surrounding the Second World War.

If Art history resonates with you more, then the Van Gogh Museum is not too far away. Marvel at post-impressionist masterpieces, feel the expression in every inch of paint, and understand a highly-influential artist a little bit more.

Jewels of the Rhine – the perfect way to experience an Amsterdam river cruise

To experience Amsterdam, alongside a handful of other beautiful European cities and towns along the Rhine, we recommend travelling on our Jewels of the Rhine river cruise.

Alongside Amsterdam, you’ll be able to discover the two-thousand-year-old Roman history of Cologne, the fairy-tale charm of Koblenz, the idyllic UNESCO City of Literature, and Strasbourg’s beautiful old-town, amongst other destinations.  

Cruises that Visit Amsterdam