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European River Cruises

Explore the Rhine, Main, Moselle, Danube, Rhône and Douro on our European river cruises

Imagine our European river cruises. Imagine a holiday that enables you to explore many of Europe’s beautiful cities, historic towns and iconic landmarks in one seamless journey. Imagine going to sleep in Bratislava and waking up in Budapest. Imagine travelling from destination to destination and needing to unpack only once. Imagine strolling out of your room ready for a dip in the heated swimming pool and having a drink waiting for you when you get out. Imagine enjoying a light breakfast or lunch alfresco, as you admire the beautiful landscapes and breathe in the fresh air.

Take one of Emerald Waterways' river cruises in Europe and you don’t have to imagine; it’s simply what you can expect. A European river cruise in Europe introduces you to numerous historic castles that stand proud within the peaceful riverbank countryside; landmarks filled with legends; and enchanting storybook like forests just waiting to be explored.


Explore an Emerald Waterways cruise ship with Cruise Director Karla

Emerald Waterways Cruise Director, Karla


In this video, Karla, an Emerald Waterways Cruise Director, gives you a tour of an award winning Emerald cruise ship and reveals why she loves working for Emerald Waterways.

Our European River Cruises


All-Inclusive Suite Deal – Up to $2600/cpl Value

Lower Danube Waltz

8 days
Vienna > Belgrade
Tour Vienna's main attractions, before enjoying a guided tour of Budapest. Sail to the Hungarian-Croatian border and join a Croatian family for lunch, whilst Belgrade reveals Serbia's hidden gems.
from $3,195 $2,695
All-Inclusive Suite Deal – Up to $2600/cpl Value

Classic Danube

8 days
Vienna > Nuremberg
from $3,095 $2,595
All-Inclusive Suite Deal – Up to $2600/cpl Value

The Majestic Rhine

8 days
Frankfurt > Basel
Your journey through Germany includes a visit to see Siegfried’s Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum, while Koblenz, Mannheim’s beautiful architecture the Black Forest will be sure to amaze.
from $3,295 $2,795
All-Inclusive Suite Deal – Up to $2600/cpl Value

Legends of the Moselle Rhine and Main

8 days
Nuremberg > Frankfurt
Bavaria is brought to life during excursions to UNESCO World Heritage-listed towns whilst every corner turned on this journey down the Moselle, Rhine and Main unveils rich history.
from $3,295 $2,795
All-Inclusive Suite Deal – Up to $2600/cpl Value

Danube Explorer

8 days
Passau > Budapest
Walk the cobblestone streets of Medieval cities, explore Austria’s wine-growing region and marvel at the fusion of old and new in musical Vienna and eclectic Budapest.
from $2,895 $2,395
All-Inclusive Suite Deal – Up to $2600/cpl Value

Enchantment of Eastern Europe

9 days
Budapest > Bucharest
As the final stretch of the Danube weaves its way through the depths of eastern Europe, meet locals for lunch in their home, enjoy tours of Osijek & Belgrade & marvel at the beauty of the Iron Gate.
from $3,910 $3,410

Book your European river cruise today and start your adventure of a lifetime

Whether you feel like exploring the beautiful Douro River, where you can appreciate the finer, intricate details of Portugal’s culture, or setting sail on the Rhine, where you’ll be able to take in the majestic scenery and charming towns of Germany; we’ve got the perfect European cruise for you.

From our  quintessential Danube Delights and Jewels of the Rhine cruises, to the serene Sensations of Lyon and Provence, our European river cruises are unrivalled and unforgettable.

We understand that everyone’s tastes are different, and while one person’s dream European cruise might be through the heartland of Germany, another’s could be through the charms of Central or Eastern Europe along the Danube. So why not speak to one of our tour experts and find the right European cruise for you?

Interested in starting your adventure of a lifetime today? Request a brochure.


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