Main River Cruises

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The cities, towns and landscapes that accompany the River Main epitomise Germany in every sense. There’s the UNESCO-listed medieval old town of Bamberg, the vineyard covered hills that surround historic Würzburg and the picturesque Bavarian village of Miltenberg. Sailing these waters, exploring the nearby sights and soaking up the iconic landmarks is the perfect addition to any cruise through Central Europe.

With a length of 527 km, the Main is the longest right tributary of the Rhine, and the longest river lying completely in Germany. Whether you are joining the Main after cruising the Rhine or traversing its waters before embarking on a journey down the Danube, you will soon discover that this unique stretch of river boasts its own collection of landmark treasures. There’s no better way to travel through the heart of mainland Germany.

Main River Cruises

Main River Cruises

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