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Mekong River Cruises

Explore the unique and stunning environment only found on a Mekong cruise

Explore stunning Mekong River cruises in complete comfort and luxury on board our brand new, elegant Star-Ship, Emerald Harmony. In a stunning combination of authentic Asian style and the modern amenities of a luxury world-class hotel, Emerald Harmony accommodates up to 84 guests in its 42 cabins – and with 40 crew members, it’s the perfect staff-to-guest ratio.

During your Emerald Waterways deluxe Mekong River cruise, you’ll navigate the mighty Mekong River, which cuts a stunning course to the very heart of Southeast Asia, flowing through lands of color, vibrancy and tradition on its route from source to sea. This great waterway has brought life to the people of China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for thousands of years, and its influence continues to shape local customs and cultures today. 

Join Emerald Harmony for a journey on the exotic waters of the Mekong, and immerse yourself in the wonders of Southeast Asia. You’ll travel the course of the river from Vietnam’s dazzling colonial metropolis Ho Chi Minh City to the Cambodian town of Siem Reap, visiting some of Asia’s most esteemed landmarks along the way. 

Your luxury Mekong cruise on board Emerald Harmony will introduce you to parts of Asia rarely seen by most travelers.

Each of our immersive Mekong river cruise itineraries includes a 7-night river cruise on-board the elegant Mekong Navigator — the perfect way to explore this charming waterway. 


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A Journey Through the Cultural Tapestry of Southeast Asia

Take a Mekong cruise, it’s among the most biologically diverse rivers in the world. Its fertile banks supporting life for thousands of years. Every exotic mile is buoyed by colorful history and tradition, providing a natural gateway to the cultural heart of Southeast Asia.

A river cruise on the Mekong from Emerald Waterways allows you to marvel at some of the continent’s most revered sights, from the vast Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia to the French Colonial architecture of Ho Chi Minh City. Throughout your time on the Mekong, you’ll experience life from a local perspective, learning the traditional customs and ways of life which the people of the Mekong have enjoyed for over a thousand years.

5-Star Luxury on the Waters of the Mekong

Since its launch in September 2014, the Mekong Navigator has brought the very best of fully-inclusive river cruising to the Mekong — allowing you to experience the wonders of this Asian waterway in 5-star luxury and comfort. 

Marrying traditional French Colonial design flourishes with the modern comforts you can expect across the Emerald Waterways fleet, the Mekong Navigator guarantees safe and luxurious passage atop the waters of the Mekong. The ship features a range of generously-sized suites to accommodate up to 68 guests in complete comfort, and benefits from a variety of entertainment, dining and wellness areas — perfect for talking through the day’s adventures with newfound friends.

There’s a Mekong cruise for every type of traveler, whichever itinerary you choose. Whether it’s the 13-day  Majestic Mekong Discoverer Cruise, the 17-day Treasures & Temples of Vietnam & Cambodia trip or the 21-day Grand Tour of Vietnam & Cambodia cruise. Browse our full list of itineraries below.

Our Asia River Cruises

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