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Europe - Experience the romance and adventure of Europe’s waterways! Join us aboard Emerald Waterways' award-winning deluxe Emerald ‘Star Ship’ river cruise and discover Europe’s fairytale castles, breathtaking landscapes, grand cities and soak up the rich history and culture.
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Danube - Traversing 1,777 miles, the Danube courses through the heart of Central and Eastern Europe, from the Black Forest of Germany to the Black Sea. The Danube flows through ten different countries and more than a dozen languages are spoken on its banks.
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Douro - The Douro River snakes its way from Northern Portugal into Spain, an area sprinkled with quaint villages, family-run farms and vineyards responsible for the production of world-famous wine and port. Rural, rustic and unspoilt, this is a region of simple pleasures.
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France - France has been seducing travelers from across the globe for years. Maybe it’s the diverse landscapes... Or perhaps it’s the world-famous cuisine? We’re certain that the wine has something to do with it, and let’s not forget the amazing artistic legacy.
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