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Keen to find out more about Emerald Waterways and our selection of amazing river cruises? Here is a selection of guides for further reading.

Hopefully, after all that, you’ll be well-versed in the ways of the river cruise, but if you still need more information, or want some inspiration for your first time, we’ve compiled a selection of the most helpful, interesting and inspiring articles from the Emerald Waterways blog below.

Still not convinced? All our amenities and features are lovingly laid out in a handy infographic that’s sure to drum up some inspiration. Thinking of going solo on a River Cruise? No problem, it’s not just for couples, as this great little article illustrates.

If you’ve decided on the Danube, then you must take a trip to Budapest’s legendary thermal baths. Something of a rite of passage for visitors and an essential part of the locals’ everyday life, you have to give it a try while you’re here.

Stuck for where to go? Finding the place that’s right for you can be tough with so much choice. Consider looking at these four European foodie destinations to whet the adventure appetite if foreign delicacies are your thing. For more provincial fare, stop off by this list of the best food markets in Europe for more gastro-inspiration.

For something a bit more far-flung, treat yourself to the cultural highlights of the Mekong river. A truly awe-inspiring region that’s rich in thousand-year-old history, vivid and vibrant life and an unbelievably good cuisine. 

If you liked the sound of EmeraldPLUS, then for more active guests, EmeraldACTIVE affords you the chance to explore further afield in more unique ways. As part of our 2018 itineraries, we added 17 new excursions to the mix, from guided bicycle rides to a canoe expedition on the Douro, these physical experiences help to put your destinations in a new perspective.

Looking for somewhere glamorous to go? Channel the glitz of Hollywood and visit a city that’s famously been featured on the silver screen. 

For more information about what you get as part of your river cruise, head over to our Emerald Experience section. Everything from what’s included, detailed information about our suites, excursions, tipping, no-fly options and much more can be found here. 

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